Our Commitment to Sustainability

Welcome to NRC Green, the sustainability division of NRC International. We are dedicated to helping the planet by implementing eco-friendly practices and aiming for 100% recyclable packaging by 2026. Our recent investment in a cardboard shredder allows us to create our own packaging beans, significantly reducing waste.

Introducing our

Recycling Program for Pick O2 Analyser

10€ discount

We are excited to announce a new recycling program for the Pick O2 Analyser. By participating, you can help us properly dispose of the batteries and oxygen cells in the analyser, which cannot be changed by the user and must be factory-calibrated. This program allows us to reuse components and give the body a second life by shredding and repurposing it.

How to Participate in the Pick O2 Analyser Recycling Program

3 ways to participate

As a thank you for participating, you will receive a €10 discount on your next Pick O2 Analyser purchase when you send back your old analyser. There are three convenient ways to return your old analyser:

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