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Our Nitrox products - perfectly tailored to individual needs

NRC International GmbH, based in Gummersbach / Germany, has successfully established itself as a well-known company in NITROX in just a few years. The company occupies a leading position worldwide and is known for a perfect solution for the production of NITROX respiratory gases. NRC-NITROX Membrane systems for safe and economically effective production of NITROX respiratory gases up to NITROX40 are located in the most beautiful and most demanding diving reefs in the world. They guarantee the problem-free supply of divers with NITROX worldwide.

The quality and economic efficiency of our NRC-NITROX membrane systems is unique and their reliability is unrivaled. The entire product range of NRC gas logistics is manufactured in industrial quality to the highest standards, future-proof and permanent operation. Correspondingly, our facilities have proved their worth even in the most remote areas of the diving world. A technique you can rely on.

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