Nitrox membrane systems

Nitrox Membrane System from NRC International uses modern membrane technology to produce O2 rich air (Nitrox) from standard air compressors.

Our membrane systems can be purchased as standalone product to be incorporated into existing compressor system or as a complete turnkey integrated system for Low Pressure or High Pressure production. 32%, 36%, or any other desired percentage up to 40% can be dialed in on the fly.

Should your system be on a live aboard dive boat and you only want say “32%” you can fix the system to produce only 32%. If you are a commercial dive company and you have divers on LP Nitrox and need to change the percentage as the divers move to different working depths, no problem this can be adjusted during the dive for constant delivery, even switched to air for deeper depths.

A NRC Nitrox Membrane System is economical, easy to operate, and highly reliable whether your pumping tanks with Hp air or supplying divers with a LP feed.

Light Series

With the NRC PG Light Series you can produce Nitrox blends with oxygen contents ranging from 28 % to 40 %. With this system you do not need a separate compressor; the plant is simply connected to a high pressure bank, which makes it more than ever suitable for ap­plication in areas with limited electrical power supply. [...]

AirPro Series

The Air Pro Series sets a completely revised new standard in Nitrox production. It is a completely integrated system which will withstand even the most hardest conditions. The control and monitoring systems of the Air Pro Series are simplified even further than existing NRC gas manage­ment range. All necessary infor­mation like pressure, oil tempera­ture and service intervals is [...]

Extreme Series

Everywhere in the world, in all conditions – this has been the standard during the development of the NRC NITROX Membrane system Extreme Series. If the available space, high temperatures or insufficient current supply do not allow the installation of common NITROX Membrane systems, the Extreme Series Line is your perfect choice. The heart of [...]