Nitrox membrane systems

High quality and economic efficiency characterize our Nitrox membrane systems. We set high standards and your reliability is unrivalled. Numerous international customers confirm the success of our products.
State-of-the-art Nitrox systems from NRC International consist of three perfectly coordinated modules.

These are characterized by the simplest usability, durability, environmental friendliness and low energy requirements, even under the most extreme conditions.
NRC Nitrox membrane systems stand for maximum safety, making them the right choice for your dive centers and liveaboard ships. Ideal for diving centers in the tropics.

Light Series

Delivery: The NRC PG Light membrane unit consists of the following components: input pressure reducer 200 bar, 3-fold filter oil-free (with exchange cartridges), oxygen membrane, needle valve, upper and vacuum valve, oxygen analyzer and buffer tank for nitrox output mixture.   Functioning: Nitrox mixtures from 28 to 40 oxygen No pure oxygen is needed No [...]

AirPro Series

The completely redesigned Air Pro series sets new standards in the production of Nitrox. All the experience in the construction of Nitrox systems has been incorporated into the design of the new Air Pro series. The Air Pro Series is a fully integrated system that can withstand even the toughest conditions. The operation and control [...]

Extreme Series

Everywhere in the world, in all conditions – this has been the standard during the development of the NRC NITROX Membrane system Extreme Series. If the available space, high temperatures or insufficient current supply do not allow the installation of common NITROX Membrane systems, the Extreme Series Line is your perfect choice. The heart of [...]