AirPro Series

The Air Pro Series sets a completely revised new standard in Nitrox production.

It is a completely integrated system which will withstand even the most hardest conditions.
The control and monitoring systems of the Air Pro Series are simplified even further than existing NRC gas manage­ment range. All necessary infor­mation like pressure, oil tempera­ture and service intervals is presented on a clear and easy to read LCD display on the front panel.

The assembly effort decreases to a minimum, because the system is delivered ready for use and tested.

  • power reduced industrial compressor technology
  • very high quality in construction, components and production

High performance with low power input

  • energy saving regulation
  • compressor element and electric drive with high efficiency
  • compact construction

High air quality

  • special designed oxygen module
  • filter unity free of oil, refrigerant dryer and industrial filter

Compact and rugged construction

  • complete integrated system
  • rugged powder-coated 2 millimetre steel case
    (also as stainless steel available)

High reliability

  • no wear in the oxygen modules
  • an industrial rotary screw compressor reduced in its revolution speed
  • industrial construction

Low maintenance costs

  • long service intervals
  • few wearing parts
  • extra long lifetime of all components

In the NRC Air Pro Series system, a power reduced rotary screw compressor per­formes its work. Maximum durability and operation period is guaranteed by the power reduction of this special system. The access to the low pressure compressor, refrigerant dryer and filter system has been optimized, so service and maintenance allows the technician uncomplicated and unimpeded access to the whole system.

A special “Tropical Kit” (optional) on the Air Pro Series ensures a high standard of performance even at very high ambient air temperature and humidity.

The dry and clean air from the low pressure compressor passes a triple filter array then passes, as oil free and high purity breathing air, into a hollow fibre membrane.

The membrane body is a specially designed oxygen module, which dis­tinguishes itself by its excellent air quality and air supply performance.

The performance of the fibre membrane is limited by a safety valve to ensure a long constant economic life-time.

The Air Pro Series has a performance of 300 to 1000 l/min Nitrox with up to 40 % oxygen, therefore, it is the optimum system for middle and large Dive Centers

LEISTUNGAir Pro 5.5Air Pro 7.5Air Pro 11Air Pro 15
Nitroxlieferleistung bei 32% O2300 l/min350 l/min500 l/min600 l/min
Nitroxlieferleistung bei 36% O2350 l/min500 l/min600 l/min
Nitroxlieferleistung bei 40% O2300 l/min450 l/min
MembraneModule 1.0Module 1.0Module 2.0Module 2.0
Maximaldruck13 bar13 bar13 bar13 bar
Betriebsdruck7-10 bar7-10 bar7-10 bar7-10 bar
Verdichter Druck10 bar10 bar10 bar10 bar
Gewicht (inkl Anbauteile)180kg230kg235kg400kg
Größe TxBxH in mm490x470x680670x850x840670x850x840820x900x1470
Maße T x B xH in mm526x336x525526x336x525526x336x525763x483x510