Light Series

With the NRC PG Light Series you can produce Nitrox blends with oxygen contents ranging from 28 % to 40 %. With this system you do not need a separate compressor; the plant is simply connected to a high pressure bank, which makes it more than ever suitable for ap­plication in areas with limited electrical power supply. The necessary space for putting in place is extremely reduced and permits thus installations on smallest areas. The plants are simple to handle, extremely uncom­plicated to maintain and reliable in service.

  • Nitrox blends ranging from 28 % to 40 % oxygen
  • No oxygen needed
  • No separate compressor needed
  • No additional power consumption
  • Reduced need of space
  • Can operate in high ambient temperatures
  • Easy handling
  • Extremely easy servicing
  • Failure safe

A high pressure compressor compresses the Nitrox and fills it up into the diving tanks. If a change of mixing proportion is needed, simply adjust the needle valve to the desired blend. By means of a lever valve it can be specified whether the high pressure com­pressor is supplied with ambient air or with the produced Nitrox. There is no wear of the oxygen membrane during use, which guarantees an extremely high life span. With the NRC PG Light Series, service is reduced to a minimum and is ba­sic­ally limited to the replacement of the filter cartridges. The NRC PG Light Series can be upgraded at any time to the Professional Series, by retrofitting a low pressure compressor.


  • Membrane Casing
  • Compressed air reservoir
  • Pressure reducer 300 bar
  • Professional Analyser
LEISTUNGPG 400 LightPG 600 Light
Nitroxlieferleistung bei 32% O2bis 285 l/min
Verbrauch aus Speicher:
495 l/min bei 8 bar
*gemessen bei 20° C
bis 558 l/min
Verbrauch aus Speicher:
970 l/min bei 8 bar
*gemessen bei 20° C
Nitroxlieferleistung bei 36% O2bis 297 l/min
Verbrauch aus Speicher:
692 l/min bei 8 bar
*gemessen bei 20° C
bis 584 l/min
Verbrauch aus Speicher:
1360 l/min bei 8 bar
*gemessen bei 20° C
Nitroxlieferleistung bei 40% O2bis 309 l/min
Verbrauch aus Speicher:
1190 l/min bei 8 bar
*gemessen bei 20° C
bis 609 l/min
Verbrauch aus Speicher:
2346 l/min bei 8 bar
*gemessen bei 20° C
Gewichtca. 30kgca. 40kg
Maße T x B xH in mm150 x 930 x 600150 x 1050 x 600