Medical oxygen sensors

Medical sensors

Medical oxygen sensors

NRC International’s medical oxygen sensors are long-lived oxygen measuring cells for use in clinic ventilators, anaesthesia and anaesthetic devices, and oxygen monitors. The sensors are characterized by superior quality with a stable output signal and only require regular one-point calibration. All O2 sensors are developed and manufactured in Germany. The NRC International sensors enjoy a good reputation worldwide and have established themselves in the market with very good quality at a fair price.


Equivalente Sensoren


NRC Medizin
Sauerstoffsensor M-01

Analytical Inustries PSR-11-915
Ceramatec CAG-1
Dräger 6803290
Envitec OOM101
Hamilton HM-10, HM-13
Hudson RCI 5556
Maxtec Max-1
Mercury Medical 10-103-17
MSA 655264
Pacifitech PT-10

Airshields C-100
Biotest S101
CR R-15
Envitec OxiQuantRM
HP 15201A
Nivaco R-15
Ohmeda Excel Modulus, 4700 Oxicap, 5250, 5250 RGM,
5100, 5400, 5120, 5125 Mont., 7800, 7810 Vent.

NRC Medizin
Sauerstoffsensor M-02

Analytical Inustries PSR-11-915-2
Ceramatec CAG-11
Dräger 6850645, 6803290
Envitec OOM201
Hamilton HM-14, HM-13
Hudson RCI 5556
Maxtec Max-11
Mercury Medical 10-103-17
MSA 655263
Pacifitech PT-14 A
SensorTech ST-14

DP Medical MVA210
Dräger Narkomed Babilog 8000 Babilog Sa 2 S sensor Fabius GS Evita 2 Dura Evita, Oxydig Oxycom PM 8030 I-8000 8000 IC Anemone
(Nicht alle Modelle der Cicero, Cato Baureihen - bitte Bauform vergleichen)
Oxitron 3710
PPG Biomedical 505055-001

NRC Medizin
Sauerstoffsensor M-03

Analytical Inustries PSR-11-917-J
Ceramatec CAG-13
Covidien Puritan-Bennett 4-020933-00
Envitec OOM103-1
Hamilton HM-11
Maxtec Max-13
Mercury Medical 10-103-05
MSA 406931
Pacifitech PT-11 A
Phillips Respironics 37-079
SensorTech ST-11

Bird 6400, 8400, Sentry
Covidien Puritan-Bennett PB 850,
7820 Monitor, 7200 Ventilator
Datascope Anestar S
Datex-Engström Erica, Elvira
Phillips Respironics Esprit Ventilator, PLV-102
VTI 100580

NRC Medizin
Sauerstoffsensor M-04

Analytical Inustries PSR-11-917-M
Ceramatec CAG-12
Envitec OOM202
Maxtec Max-12
Mercury Medical 10-103-06
MSA 472062, 470644
Pacifitech PT-12 A
SensorTech ST-12
Siemens 9004979

Bird Avea Ventilator
Biomedtech Australia OnePlus IHT Hypoxicator Go2Altitude
Covidien Puritan-Bennett NP 840 4-074925-00
Hamilton 396008, 396009, Galileo, Raphael, Arabella, 51254, G5
IMT medical Bellavista
Siemens Servo 900C, 900D, 700, 710, 300, V710 300
VTI 103100

NRC Medizin
Sauerstoffsensor M-05

Analytical Inustries PSR-11-33
Envitec OOM107
Hamilton HM-01
Maxtec Max-19
Mercury Medical 10-103-00
MSA 478841, 485955
Pacifitech PT-01
Teledyne T1, T2

BioMed Devices 48351
Bio Tek X74223
Covidien Hamilton Veolar, Amadeus, Arabella
Diversified Diag. Xenematic
Emerson 3MV-OA
Fresenius X74223
Heyer Pocket O2
Imed 810, 825
Ivac 1200, 1225
Libra OM500
Megamed M2
Taema KV050501, Oxy2100
Teledyne TED 160, TED 190
Toptronics XT74223
Vickers 251

NRC Medizin
Sauerstoffsensor M-06

Analytical Industries PSR-11-33-2
Care Medical CM-02
Envitec OOM107-2
Hudson-RCI 5569
Integral Process 65000
Maxtec MAX-18 (R116P40)
Mercury Medical 10-103-01
MSA 485905
MSA 655262
Nuova E-33/1
Pacifitech PT-02
Precision Medical 505318
Sensidyne V-02
Sensoronics SS-02
Teledyne C2R

Oxitron 3050
Ventrex V-02
Viamed C-2R
Megamed M1

NRC Medizin
Sauerstoffsensor M-07

Analytical Inustries PSR-11-77
Ceramatec CAG-17
Envitec OOM105
Maxtec Max-17
Mercury Medical 10-103-02
Pacifitech PT-03
Teledyne T7

Teledyne TED 60T, TED 191T, TED 200T, TED 200T7

NRC Medizin
Sauerstoffsensor M-08

Envitec OOM104
Maxtec Max-11i

Dräger Incubator I-8000

NRC Medizin
Sauerstoffsensor M-09

Analytical Inustries PSR-11-917-M
Ceramatec CAG-14
Envitec OOM202-2
Maxtec Max-14
Mercury Medical 10-103-13
Ohio Medical (MSA) 806572 internal sensor

Ohio Medical (ex-MSA) MiniOX 1A (IA)oxygen analyzer

NRC Medizin
Sauerstoffsensor M-10

Analytical Inustries PSR-11-915-4
Ceramatec CAG-10
Envitec OOM110
GE Datex Ohmeda 6050-0004-110
Maxtec Max-10
Mercury Medical 10-103-10
Pacifitech PT-20 A

GE Datex Ohmeda Modulus SE, 7900 Smart Ventilator, Aespire, Avance,
Aisys, Aestiva Series, SmartVent S-5

NRC Medizin
Sauerstoffsensor M-11

City Technology MOX-10
Envitec OOM202-2S
Nuova E-110
Viamed R-42V

Stephan Alia, Stephanie ,
Stephan 130060001

NRC Medizin
Sauerstoffsensor M-12

City Mox-1
Criticare 644
Envitec OOM103A
Hillrom R-22
Maxtec Max-12A
Pacifitech PT-05
Teledyne R22MED

Biotest A 103
GE Datex-Ohmeda Centiva S / 5
Dräger Hillrom Airshields Isolette
Criticare 8100 Poet, 8500 Poet

NRC Medizin
Sauerstoffsensor M-12 A

Atom Dual Incu i

NRC Medizin
Sauerstoffsensor M-13

Analytical Inustries PSR-11-55
Ceramatec CAG-09
Maxtec Max-9
Mercury Medical 10-103-03

Airshields 6736140
Teleflex Medical Hudson RCI 6477, 5577, 5584, 5590, 5595
Ventronics 5500, 5570, 5575, 5584, 5590, 5595

NRC Medizin
Sauerstoffsensor M-14

Maxtec MAX-13c (R115P01
Nuova E-14/0

BMD Bio-Med Devices Crossvent, Crossvent 2, Crossvent 3
Precision Medical 505326
BMD Bio-Med Devices 4433

NRC Medizin
Sauerstoffsensor M-15

Envitec OOM102-1
Teledyne R17MED

Envitec OxiQuant M
Ohio Medical (MSA) MiniOX 3000
Spacelabs 015-0285-00
Stephan Artec
Taema Alys, Clarys, YR010100
Teledyne TED AX300, MX300

NRC Medizin
Sauerstoffsensor M-15M

City Technology MOX-2

Mindray Watto EX-20
Mindray Watto EX-30
Mindray Watto EX-35
Mindray Watto EX-65
Mindray 0611-10-45654

NRC Medizin
Sauerstoffsensor M-16

Analytical Inustries PSR-11-75-KE2
Nuova E-16/0
MSA 701644
Maxtec MAX-16 (R114P70)
Precision Medical 505328
Sharn JB-16

Flight Medical Flight 60
Puritan Bennett PB 700, PB 740, PB 760
Puritan Bennett G-062010-00

NRC Medizin
Sauerstoffsensor M-16HT

GE General Electric Lullaby XP

NRC Medizin
Sauerstoffsensor M-25

Analytical Industries PSR-11-917-J1
Carnet ST-08
Envitec OOM103-1M
Maxtec MAX-250ESF (R115P85)
Mercury Medical 10-103-08
Nuova E-25/0
Pacifitech PT-25A
Precision Medical 505329
Sensidyne V-25A
Sensoronics SS-25A
Teledyne R-29MED
Ventrex V-25A
VTI Vascular Technology 103105

Airox BioMS
Fluke VT Mobile
Maxtec MaxBlend
Bird Products 66030
Cardinal 66030
Maxtec OM-25AE
Viasys 66030

NRC Medizin
Sauerstoffsensor M-43

Envitec OOM112
Maxtec MAX-43 (R109P07
Nuova E-43/0
Precision Medical 505230

GE Ohmeda Giraffe
GE Ohmeda 6600-1278-600

NRC Medizin
Sauerstoffsensor M-47

Analytical Industries PSR-11-58
Maxtec MAX-47 (R112P16)
Sensidyne V-22

Hudson RCI 5800
Hudson RCI 5801
Hudson RCI 5803

NRC Medizin
Sauerstoffsensor M-48

Analytical Industries M-11-60
Maxtec MAX-48 ( R112P18 )
Nuova E-60

Analytical Industries AII-2000 A
Analytical Industries AII-2000 M
Analytical Industries AII-2001
Analytical Industries AII-2002
Analytical Industries AII-3000 A
Analytical Industries AII-3000 M
Analytical Industries AII-2000 A
Analytical Industries AII-3000 M
Analytical Industries AII-11-60
Nuova M-OA2002 Nuova M-OA2002

NRC Medizin
Sauerstoffsensor M-80

Envitec OOM204

Acutronic Fabian +nCPAP
Heinen & Löwenstein Leoni
Heinen & Löwenstein Leoni 2
Heinen & Löwenstein Leoni Plus

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