Tec Booster pump

Tec Booster pump

NRC Tec Booster pump - Made in Germany

The Tec Booster series from NRC

Specially designed for professional diving.

Thanks to the long-standing cooperation with specialists in the field of material research and compaction technology, the TEC booster was developed.

With the use of the most optimal gear ratios, the NRC Tec booster became the most efficient series booster.

Only materials that have been tested and certified for 100 oxygen compatibility are used.

Heat generation is an inaccessible side effect in compaction processes, which we minimize by heat-dissipating alloys at the compressor stages. In addition, the drive exhaust is used to flush the cylinders and cool them in addition.

Wear and abrasion are reduced to a minimum on the basis of the most precisely matched high-tech materials in sealing technology as well as the pass-accurate production.

The robust but simple design allows anyone to carry out the maintenance themselves after a training session.


  • Compressor for Technical Diving
  • different models for every application
  • Operation via compressed air cylinders or low-pressure compressors
  • full utilization of storage tanks
  • the mixing of drive and refill gas is excluded due to design
  • Connections for overflow hoses of all manufacturers configurable
  • oil-free operation
  • 300 bar filling pressure
  • optional maintenance unit for drive gas
  • Operation with all common submersible gases such as: air, argon, helium, nitrogen, oxygen, neon.

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Booster manual 300

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