The NRC Analyzer

o2 analyser

From Nitrox, O2 Analyzer to Helium Analyzer

We offer a variety of high-quality analyzers for the respective requirements. From nitrox to helium analyzer, can be combined with expansion sets. These comfortable and reliable devices are manufactured in Germany and are partly equipped with replacement sensors, which we from NRC of course also sell.

NRC Pick O2 Analyzer

Small handy instrument for fast measurement of oxygen concentration. The O2 Analyzer from NRC. The device is a small handy instrument for fast measurement of oxygen concentration. The measuring bandwidth ranges from 0-99% oxygen. The measurement process takes less than 2 seconds and is very precise. The device is 80 gr light and has a [...]

OxySpy® Oxygen-Analyser

OxySpy® is an ergonomically designed Oxygen analyser, especially designed for technical diving. OxySpy® offers you comfort and reliability in analysing your breathing gas. Due to its unique design, it is the perfect “personal” analyser for trained and certified Nitrox divers. Development and production of the swiss made OxySpy meet a very high quality standard. Therefore, a limited warranty [...]

Our Analyser equipment

Hose extraction set The set allows a fast and comfortable oxygen analysis. Removal set for oxygen analyzers with M16 x 1 sensor thread. It can be used for many oxygen analyzers. Suitable for DIN G5 / 8, Nitrox M26x2 ind INT bottle connections. Inflator Adapter Inflator adapter for O2 analyzer with M16x1 connector. BCD adapter [...]