OxySpy® Oxygen-Analyser

oxyspy oxygen analyser

OxySpy® is an ergonomically designed Oxygen analyser, especially designed for technical diving. OxySpy® offers you comfort and reliability in analysing your breathing gas. Due to its unique design, it is the perfect “personal” analyser for trained and certified Nitrox divers. Development and production of the swiss made OxySpy meet a very high quality standard. Therefore, a limited warranty for defects is given for a period of 2 years (oxygen sensor and battery excluded).

Weight: 530 g
Width: 13 cm
Length: 29.5 cm
Height: 11 cm


  • single button operation
  • right- and left hand operation
  • dual flow direction operation
  • water resistant
  • calibration gas detection
  • button operated calibration
  • display hold mode
  • adjustment of pO2 max (1.2 … 1.8 bar)
  • MOD for current O2% and pO2 max
  • automatic power off
  • low battery warning
  • low oxygen sensor warning
  • easily exchangable oxygen sensor
  • exchangable Lithium battery
  • battery lifetime 3 years minimum
  • sensor lifetime approx. 1½ years
  • resolution 0.1% O2
  • measurement range 0.1 … 100.0% O2
  • temperature range 0 … 50°C (32…122°F)

OxySpy® info flyer

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OxySpy® manual

Download the manual for the OxySpy® here.

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