NRC 75 High performance compressor oil 1l


NRC 75 High performance compressor oil 1l



NRC 75 High performance compressor oil 1l

NRC 75 fully synthetic compressor oil 1l

Application for nitrox, – air, – industry, – nitrogen, – helium, and argon compressor plants

Approved for breathing air applications in connection with air treatment systems / membrane systems.

High pressure compressor oil for piston compressors 200 and 300bar
Compressed air compressors are piston compressors that require a special lubricant. Not only can there be no oil residues in the breathing air, but also the processing of the compressed compressed air into nitrox mixtures places special conditions on the compressor oil for breathing air compressors. The fully synthetic high-pressure compressor oil offered by us fulfills these conditions in particular. As standard we offer this oil in 1 liter bottles, but it can also be delivered in 5 liter bottles.

Technical data of the high pressure compressor oil:

  • Synthetic high pressure compressor oil
  • Suitable for all Bauer, L & W or Coltri air compressors ect.
  • Up to 2000 operating hours
  • Mixable with most other compressor oils
  • In 1 liter of filling

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