NRC O2 Analyzer


Small and portable Instrument to measure the Oxygen concentration.

NRC O2 Analyser Specifications:
Technical data are related to ambient conditions
1013 hPa, 25?C and dry air.



With our oxygen analyser we can provide a handy measuring instrument with any advantages and precise measuring technology.
In spite of the low overall size and an easy use this handy oxygen analyser has an an excellent oxygen sensor with an measuring exactness.
The NRC oxygen analyser is equipped with an electro- chemical sensor and micro controller to measure oxygen concentrations of 0-99%. The NRC O2 analyser is the perfect oxygen analyser for daily use at Dive Centers.

The sensor has a lifespan of approximately 2 years and can be replaced if necessary by factory.
Owing to the compact construction dimensions and the low weight the NRC oxygen analyser is a perfect travel companion for ambitious scuba divers, who set value on quick and precise oxygen analysis. The analyser is constantly ready to function
and indicates the value on a two-digit display.

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