NRC Professional Helium Analyzer


NRC Professional Helium Analyzer.

The Helium Analyzer is a device for measuring the helium content in a gas mixture. It has been specially developed to measure the helium content in a gas mixture similar to the normal air or in nitrogen.



The He/O2 analyzer has a solid aluminum alloy that ensures stability. It is thus extremely resistant and protected against mechanical damage. The surface is also anodised to protect it from scratches.

On the top, the analyzer has a keyboard keypad and an OLED display on which the measured values ​​are displayed. The gas to be measured is fed through the inlet (analyzed-gas inlet) on the top of the analyzer and reaches the sensor through the helium concentration. From there it comes into the oxygen sensor block and to the air (Exhaust). The flow rate of the mixture to be analyzed is 0.2 l /min.

The He/O2 analyzer is equipped with a standard nine-volt battery (type 6F22) or can be powered by an external power supply (12V adapter DC) (left side / power supply connector).
The battery is accessible from below. To do this, loosen two screws of the cover. On the top of the He / O2 analyzer is an interface (connector for attaching) for attaching tools (for measuring pressure, bottle temperature, electrical voltage, etc.). A USB port is located on the left side (USB connector) and is used to transfer data to a computer and to update the firmware.


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