ProNRC Discover Rebreather Diving Submatix and Dolphin


ProNRC Discover Rebreather Diving Submatix and Dolphin




ProNRC Discover Rebreather Diving Submatix and Dolphin

A dream for divers who want to try something new. Discover the underwater world in a whole new way – rebreather, the unique diving experience. The oldest type of diving gives you a new dimension in your dives. You’ll be the underwater world Not only see, but also can hear. The lack of the otherwise unavoidable bubbling bubbles, gives you the opportunity to listen more closely. You will be surprised To be as much less quiet as it really is under water. This “Discover Rebreather Diving” allows you, under a specialized introduction, the necessary To get to know the basics, so as to experience diving with a rebreather. The usual diving depths in the Sport diving is now available between 15 and 30 meters worldwide. This is exactly where the advantages of the rebreather can be fully exploited. Also like diving with Nitrox, you dive here with oxygen-enriched air. This method is the safest And the healthiest to dive. The Rebreather diving is easy for everyone and has many advantages such as: a constant air consumption and thus Longer dive times, damp and warm air, almost bubble – free diving with an unusual proximity to the Fishing. This all makes your hobby a completely new experience. Immerse yourself in a new dimension of diving, rebreather diving, Safer and more comfortable!

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