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ProNRC E-Workbook Trimix

Your professional training for diving with the Trimix gas mixture. You can purchase the e-workbook for direct download from us. The language of the book is German.

At the beginning of every scuba diving career there is usually a beginner course in which one learns the basic techniques and skills using compressed air. With compressed air, one learns, the depths of the dives are limited to 40 meters for physiological reasons.
Sooner or later, most divers take the next step and learn how to use Nitrox. The basic times get longer and you are less tired at the end of the diving day. However, the depth limits when using Nitrox are even more limited than with compressed air.
But hasn’t every diver ever felt the desire to explore a dive site a little deeper? Whether it’s to inspect a wreck more accurately (or to get there at all), to recover something from a greater depth, or just to pass through an actually unattainable archway. There are thousands of reasons.
In order to achieve these goals safely, it is necessary to expand the skills and knowledge. As compressed air limits the range of action in depth, the use of Trimix becomes necessary, opening up completely new perspectives, opening up new possibilities, but at the same time requiring more effort in planning, equipment and logistics.
Using Trimix from dive depths of 40 meters, one often remembers details that are usually not noticed at a high nitrogen partial pressure. The use of Trimix also increases the safety of the dive, as it is possible to address a problem with a clearer head.
The term Trimix is often abbreviated by TMX.
The Recreational Trimix 1 and Recreational Trimix 2 courses make it possible to experience dives up to 40 and 50 meters much more consciously, as the use of helium pushes the boundaries of deep rush much further down.
With the course Normoxic Trimix you take the first step into a new world beyond the “normal” limits of scuba diving, you open the gate to technical diving and lay the foundation stone for the course Hypoxisches Trimix, which leads to even greater diving depths.

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