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The NRC Analyzer

From Nitrox, O2 Analyzer to Helium Analyzer We offer a variety of high-quality analyzers for the respective requirements. From nitrox to helium analyzer, can be combined with expansion sets. These comfortable and reliable devices are manufactured in Germany and are partly equipped with replacement sensors, which we from NRC of course also sell. NRC Pick [...]

NRC Sensors

Oxygen sensors NRC offers replacement sensors for almost all oxygen analyzers on the market, which are characterized by first-class quality. The production in Germany guarantees high standards and thus the most accurate measurement results. Exhaust gas sensors The correct function of a system can be verified by measuring the exhaust gas composition and calculating the [...]

Nitrox membrane systems

High quality and economic efficiency characterize our Nitrox membrane systems. We set high standards and your reliability is unrivalled. Numerous international customers confirm the success of our products. State-of-the-art Nitrox systems from NRC International consist of three perfectly coordinated modules. These are characterized by the simplest usability, durability, environmental friendliness and low energy requirements, even [...]

Medical oxygen sensors

Medical oxygen sensors NRC International's medical oxygen sensors are long-lived oxygen measuring cells for use in clinic ventilators, anaesthesia and anaesthetic devices, and oxygen monitors. The sensors are characterized by superior quality with a stable output signal and only require regular one-point calibration. All O2 sensors are developed and manufactured in Germany. The NRC International [...]

Tec Booster pump

NRC Tec Booster pump - Made in Germany The Tec Booster series from NRC Specially designed for professional diving. Thanks to the long-standing cooperation with specialists in the field of material research and compaction technology, the TEC booster was developed. With the use of the most optimal gear ratios, the NRC Tec booster became the [...]

Exhaust gas sensors

NRC exhaust gas sensors - Highest measuring accuracy Longevity and quality NRC offers replacement sensors/exhaust gas sensors and test gases as well as sampling valves for almost all exhaust gas testers/AU devices on the market. The production of all components takes place in Germany and guarantees first-class quality and thus the most accurate measurement results. [...]