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Different ways of making Nitrox

In principle one can the production of Nitrox
Divide mixtures into two groups, the first being 100% oxygen
Used to increase the oxygen content in the Nitrox mixture. As a procedure
the partial pressure method or the co-flow method (blending) are used.
To produce larger quantities of Nirox without using 100%
The membrane process is used for oxygen. It separates out nitrogen
Ambient air to increase the oxygen content in the nitrox mixture and applies
as the safest method.

membrane technology

With membrane technology, Nirox is made from ambient air, it is considered the safest method to produce nitrox in large quantities. The maximum amount of oxygen that can be achieved with this process is limited and thus ensures extremely high safety when using a membrane. It is now considered the standard procedure at international diving centers that offer Nitrox to their customers, as it produces Nitrox safely and inexpensively.


With the co-flow process (blending), the supply should be 100%
oxygen must be guaranteed. Trained personnel should also be deployed here, since the actual blending with 100% oxygen takes place upstream of the compressor. In principle, larger quantities of nitrox can be produced, but at a higher cost. This method is therefore suitable for small dive centers that have a cheap and very good supply of 100% oxygen.

partial pressure method

The handling of 100% oxygen poses a certain potential for danger as oxygen is considered a fire accelerant and is reactive, only trained personnel and tested equipment should be used. The partial pressure method is suitable for the production of small amounts of nitrox or if high oxygen percentages are required in the later mixture, and the supply of 100% oxygen should be sufficiently secured.

Consumables for Nitrox systems

Here you will find the most common consumables for your nitrox systems

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