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100% Made In Germany

Our oxygen sensors are 100% made in Germany, which guarantees the highest quality assurance and short delivery times.


Since we only offer oxygen sensors that are manufactured for medical applications, you benefit from a high quality standard. In addition to an individual test with corresponding documentation, a higher level of accuracy in the analysis is another advantage of our oxygen sensors.

Sensors for rebreathers

When oxygen sensors are used in rebreathers, they are not only exposed to high oxygen concentrations but also to high humidity, which places special demands on the production of such sensors. All NRC oxygen sensors that we offer for rebreather have not only a high accuracy of the analysis but also a special membrane that protects the actual analysis process from high humidity and always delivers the most accurate results.


The response time of an oxygen sensor is a parameter that says a lot about the quality of a sensor. Here, NRC oxygen sensors with a response time of less than 5 MS play in the highest range of what is feasible. A fast response time when used in a rebreather increases the safety of every dive, as it provides accurate results in real time.


Our oxygen sensors are PTB-A tested and exceed Bar97 requirements, of course manufactured according to the DIN ISO 9101 quality standard

FRESH goods and packaging

The storage of oxygen sensors requires a high level of technical effort, but is necessary because they are subject to natural wear and tear even if they are not used. NRC sensors are quasi-shock-frozen, interrupting natural wear and bringing back to a normal temperature before actual use. This is the only way to achieve really long service lives and precise analyses. Finally, they are shipped in airtight aluminum cans, which drastically reduces wear and tear during shipping. So you can always rely on fresh goods.

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