The completely revised Air Pro series sets new standards in the production of Nitrox.

All the experience in building nitrox systems has gone into the construction of the new Air Pro series.
The Air Pro series is a fully integrated system that can withstand even the toughest conditions. The operation and control of the Air Pro series has been simplified even further.
All necessary information such as pressure, oil temperature and service intervals are clearly visible on the front panel.

The installation effort is reduced to a minimum, as the system is delivered ready for operation and tested.

Long service life

  • throttled industrial compressor technology
  • very high quality in terms of design, components and manufacture

High performance with low power consumption

  • energy-saving control
  • Compressor element and electric drive with high efficiency
  • compact design

High air quality

  • special oxygen module
  • oil-free filter unit, refrigeration dryer and industrial filter

Compact and robust design

  • fully integrated system
  • Robust powder-coated 2mm steel housing
    (also available in stainless steel)

High reliability

  • no wear on the oxygen modules
  • one reduced in performance
    industrial screw compressor
  • industrial execution

Low maintenance costs

  • lange Serviceintervalle
  • few wearing parts
  • long service life of all components

An industrial screw with a reduced performance is used as the compression stage. The power reduction ensures maximum durability and a long service life. Access to the compressor stage, refrigeration dryer and filter system has been optimized for service and now allows you to work freely.

A special tropical kit (optional) ensures operation even at very high ambient temperatures.
The very dry and clean air from the compressor stage is brought to oil-free breathing air quality in a triple filter unit before it is fed to the hollow fiber membrane.

An oxygen module is used as the membrane body, which is characterized by its excellent air quality and air delivery performance. Here, too, the power is limited by a safety valve to ensure extremely long continuous power.
The Air Pro series has an output of 300 to 1000 liters of nitrox per minute with up to 40% oxygen and is therefore the optimal system for a medium to large diving school.

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