Anywhere in the world and under any conditions - these were the standards in the development of the EXTREME series. If space, power supply or high temperatures do not allow the installation of conventional NITROX membrane systems, the EXTREME series is the right choice. The heart of this unique system is a special membrane that is only used in the EXTREME series.

To protect the membrane body, a complete second filter unit is installed in the EXTREME series, which protects the membrane body from oil damage even in the event of a total failure of the air treatment in the low-pressure compressor. A rotary compressor is used to supply the low-pressure diaphragm.

The compressor block was specially modified for use in the EXTREME series. If there is not enough power supply, the compressor can also be operated with an optionally available combustion engine. Due to its compact design, the rotary compressor can also be easily installed in tight spaces.

Thanks to the special compressor principle, unrestricted operation is possible even at high ambient temperatures.
In contrast to the PROFESSIONAL series, the EXTREME series works with an external refrigeration dryer for air conditioning. Due to the modular structure, the complete system can be easily adapted to the available space. The large design of the refrigeration dryer guarantees consistently high air quality, even under extreme conditions.
If the power supply is not sufficient, the refrigeration dryer can be operated using an optionally available power unit.

The EXTREME series is delivered ready for connection. All parts needed for operation are included. In addition to the rotary compressor with filter unit, refrigeration dryer and storage tank, the scope of delivery also includes the complete membrane unit with second filter unit, mounting frame and safety valves, as well as special oxygen adjustment valves and all connection material.

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