Scope of delivery:

The NRC PG Light membrane unit consists of the following components: inlet pressure reducer 200 bar, triple oil-free filter (with exchangeable cartridges), oxygen membrane, needle valve, pressure and vacuum valve, oxygen analyzer and buffer storage for the initial nitrox mixture.



  • Nitrox mixes of 28% - 40% oxygen
  • No pure oxygen is required
  • No separate pre-compressor
  • No additional power consumption
  • little need for space
  • Can also be operated at high ambient temperatures
  • Easy to use
  • Extremely easy to maintain
  • operationally safe

A downstream high-pressure compressor compresses the nitrox and fills it into the diving tank.
If you want to change the mixing ratio, you can do this by adjusting the needle valve. A lever valve can be used to determine whether the high-pressure compressor is supplied with ambient air or the produced nitrox.

There is no wear and tear on the oxygen membrane during operation and this guarantees an extremely long service life. With the NRC PG Light series, service is reduced to a minimum and is limited to replacing the pre-filter cartridges.
The NRC PG Light series can be upgraded to the Professional series at any time by retrofitting a low-pressure compressor.


  • membrane lining
  • compressed air storage
  • Pressure reducer 300 bar
  • Professional Analyser

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