ERX I BT portable ENOS receiver that can also be used indoors

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ERX I BT portable ENOS receiver that can also be used indoors

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ENOS receiver ERX-BT-I
A portable ENOS receiver, with a tablet as a mobile screen. The case receives the emergency call from the drifting divers, evaluates it and forwards it to the tablet via Bluetooth.
I-Version Possibility to connect an external GPS antenna for indoor use

the ENOS screen,
clearly understandable even under stress and requires no knowledge of navigation.
The  +  in the middle of the circle is the ship, the arrow at the top points in the direction of travel.
Numbers 1 and 2 show drifting divers in relation to the boat. Their order is determined by the arrival of the emergency calls.
The radius of the circle automatically adjusts to the furthest distress call.
The table next to the circle gives precise information about:
  • the number of received emergency calls (No)
  • the identifier / identification of the transmitter (ID)
  • the distance and
  • the direction to the divers
 At the top right of the ENOS screen you can see the ship details:
Date, time, speed (Speed) and course (Course). In addition, the crew sees whether the GPS information are valid and from how many GPS satellites the data is received (one green bar per satellite; here: 8 satellites). The battery icon in the top right corner reflects the charging status (97%).
For security reasons, each ENOS receiver receives all ENOS emergency calls within its reception radius, even from "foreign" divers, from other boats! From these divers, the receiver shows all the data necessary for a rescue. In this way, all ENOS boats can intervene to help and support the rescue.
Worldwide, ENOS is the only rescue system for divers that has several GPS assisted Receive emergency calls simultaneously, evaluate them and display them on your screen!

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