Loopel Snorkel

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Loopel Snorkel

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• Standard dimensions for a high air delivery capacity
• Ergonomic breathing tube that adapts to the curve of the head
• Hydrodynamically shaped breathing tube that reduces water resistance to a minimum
• Stable behavior during front crawl, swimming and apnea no "trembling" or "fluttering"
• Angled snorkel tip acts as a breakwater
• Orange snorkel tip increases the diver's and snorkeler's visibility at the water surface
▪ Comfortable mouthpiece, prevents fatigue of the jaw muscles
• Hygienic and tasteless
• Pressure-free fit on teeth and gums
• Exhaust valve at the lowest point of the snorkel
• Compact to fold without additional tools
• 100% pure silicone, no dangerous plasticizers
• Form-stabilizing material

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