Medical Oxygen Sensor M-08

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Medical Oxygen Sensor M-08

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the Medical Oxygen Sensor M-08 from NRC International is a durable oxygen measuring cell specially designed for use in the Dräger Incubator I-8000. The sensor was individually tailored to the conditions in this incubator, is characterized by outstanding quality with a stable output signal and only requires regular one-point calibration.

Alle O2 Sensors are developed and manufactured in Germany. The NRC International sensors enjoy a very good reputation worldwide and have established themselves in the market with good quality at a fair price.

This sensor is only suitable for use in the incubator I-8000.



Single-cathode oxygen sensor with high signal stability and low cross-sensitivity to anesthetic gases and a linear output signal over the entire measuring range.



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Dräger Incubator I-8000

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