MTX-A, MOBOS transmitter with automatic switch, for installation in automatic life jackets

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MTX-A, MOBOS transmitter with automatic switch, for installation in automatic life jackets

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MOBOS – transmitters MTX-A and MTX-M



When developing the MOBOS transmitter, we had the hard use in the water in mind and have raised the quality requirements accordingly so that the transmitter can withstand the rough everyday life.

The MOBOS transmitter is only 20 cm long, has a diameter of 3.5 cm and weighs only 165 grams!

The antenna is embedded in the extremely robust housing, which avoids antenna breakage.

Der MOBOS-Sender sendet alle 15 seconds its signal and the crew always knows the current position from the MOB.


There is an LED on its head that flashes regularly when in use and is visible from afar. It also shows the battery status and the function mode when in use.


The MOBOS transmitter can be combined with any life jacket and any water protection equipment:

  • Automatic life jacket for sailors, pilots, dockers ...
  • Solid vest for boaters, canoeists ...
  • Right on the man for wind or kite surfers

 So that MOBOS can be used anytime and anywhere, the MOBOS transmitter is available in 2 different versions:



  1. MOBOS transmitter MTX-A, automatic triggering
    Thanks to its compact dimensions, the MOBOS transmitter MTX-A fits in all standard automatic life jackets — including children's and SOLAS jackets.

The MTX-A is activated by the automatic lifejacket self-inflating; you don't have to worry about anything, it turns on automatically.


  1. MOBOS transmitter MTX-M, manual switch
    With the help of its pocket, the MOBOS transmitter MTX-M can be attached to any solid vest. Or directly on clothing or sports equipment (windsurfers/kitesurfers). In an emergency, it is switched on by hand and then held up.

 To activate the MOBOS transmitter MTX-M, the red foot is rotated 180°.

After switching on, the asymmetrical switch position of the MOBOS transmitter clearly shows "ON".



In order for the emergency call to be transmitted without interference, it is important that

  • the radio receiving antenna is mounted high and
  • that the emergency call transmitter is as far away from the water as possible 


And that's exactly why we designed the MOBOS transmitter MTX-A in such a way that it is on the highest point the inflated life jacket!

It's not lapped by the waves up here, it's the best place to call 911.

Of all man overboard transmitters, the MOBOS transmitter MTX-A has the best position on the automatic life jacket. He maintains this upright position continuously. Because the MOBOS transmitter is mounted in such a way that it is always held at the highest point by the life jacket.


Depending on the height of the radio receiving antenna, the MOBOS emergency call ranges up to 10 kilometers / (5.6 NM).

Batteries instead of rechargeable batteries?


The MOBOS transmitter is powered by 2 x AAA lithium batteries, which are available anywhere in the world. You can change the battery yourself, it is not necessary to send it back to us!

The use of batteries has unbeatable advantages compared to rechargeable batteries:

  • Batteries lose performance over time. Even when not in use
  • Batteries must be charged regularly and permanently
  • A nightly, unnoticed power failure has a negative impact on the capacity of the battery

 The MOBOS transmitters are supplied with lithium batteries, the one Capacity guarantee of 18 years to have! This means that the batteries will continue to provide reliable full performance even after many years. The running time of the MOBOS transmitter is 170 hours  = one week!

So he always has enough energy, even after several rescue operations, because MOBOS operations usually only last a few minutes. When the batteries need to be changed can be easily seen from the flashing signals of the LED.


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