Nitrox Easy Blending System

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Nitrox Easy Blending System

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  • The clear control panel enables safe, easy and quick handling. The oxygen enrichment of the breathing air is continuously adjustable thanks to a finely adjustable, high-quality needle valve.
  • Easy and quick attachment: Only 10 minutes are required for assembly, since only the electrical connection between NESY and the compressor control (protection circuit) has to be installed.
  • Supply can be adjusted to 12, 24 and 220 volts depending on requirements. NESY weighs only 20 kilograms.
  • NESY works with one Low pressure of maximum 0.5 bar. Mixing is completely completed before compaction. This minimizes the risk of high-pressure oxygen enrichment. Any desired nitrox mixture - from 21 to 40% oxygen content - is set directly on the system and pre-mixed.
  • Reliable Electromechanics: The coupling of the protective device with the compressor control prevents unwanted oxygen flow in the event of a failure or when the compressor unit is switched off. NESY will be deactivated. The oxygen pressure regulator on the accumulator is set and sealed to 1.5 to 2.5 bar. This value depends on the intake capacity of the compressor. The precision pressure regulator with safety valve (0.5 bar) attached to the NESY regulates an absolutely constant oxygen flow and prevents concentrations of more than 40% oxygen in the mixing system in the event of pressure fluctuations or a defect in the oxygen main regulator. If the main pressure regulator fails, a precision safety valve opens.
  • Minimum deviation of the mixing constant of only +/- 0.3% with NESY - a value that is not reached by other systems.


  • NESY consisting of the following components

    -Oxygen pressure regulator
    -Oxygen line
    -Power connection cable
    -O² cylinder pressure regulator

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