Proffesional Trimix Analyser
Proffesional Trimix Analyser

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Proffesional Trimix Analyser

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- USB charging cable

-simple Flow Limiter

The Analyzer SOLO is a precise device for measuring the oxygen and helium concentration in the breathing gases of divers. It is a necessary tool for technical divers using nitrox and trimix mixtures.

The Analyzer SOLO is characterized by its high accuracy and reliability thanks to an innovative solution for measuring the concentration of helium. This technology is based on the principle of measuring the speed of sound, which means that it is not necessary to replace the helium sensor.

Another feature of this analyzer is its low weight thanks to the robust ABS-PC material, which makes the SOLO an ideal travel companion.

The SOLO also has a built-in calculator for mixing gases.

The analyzer can identify some other gases and mixtures used in diving. In the event of a hypoxic mixture without the presence of an inert gas other than nitrogen, he will warn you and advise you not to breathe such a mixture by issuing the "FOUL AIR" warning. It can also identify argon and, in a special setting, measure its purity.

Thanks to the USB-C connector, it is easy to program and takes less than 4 hours to fully charge.

The electrochemical oxygen sensors and the analyzer integrated in the battery have a limited warranty of 12 months.

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