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300-2 booster pump without piping

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Tec booster pump type 300-2 without piping

NRC now offers a Tec-Booster pump "Made in Germany".

Tec Booster Pump Type 300-2.

  • Booster ready for connection
  • G1/4″ in/out
  • G1/4" control connection


  • Compressor for technical diving
  • different models for every purpose
  • Operation via compressed air cylinders or low-pressure compressors
  • complete utilization of storage tanks
  • the mixing of drive and decanting gas is excluded due to the design
  • Connections for overflow hoses from all manufacturers can be configured
  • oil-free operation
  • 300 bar filling pressure
  • optional maintenance unit for drive gas
  • Operation with all common diving gases such as: air, argon, helium, nitrogen, oxygen, neon.

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