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220/1 Booster Pump
Sale price€1.544,62
220-2 booster pump without piping
Sale price€2.346,68
220-2 Booster Pump incl. piping
Sale price€2.825,06
300-2 booster pump without piping
Sale price€3.819,90
300-2 booster pump type pre-piped
Sale price€4.400,62

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NRC Sales and Service

Compressed air stations/compressors
• The rotary compressor
• Screw compressors from all well-known manufacturers
• Piston compressors from all well-known manufacturers
• Oxygen and nitrogen generators

Processing of refrigeration and adsorption technology
• Cold and heat regenerated
• Compressed air filter
• Oil-water separators
• Condensate drain
• Compressed air tanks and pipeline construction

Full service contracts with a 5-year guarantee
We look after your compressed air station with all rights and obligations around the clock.

measuring technology
• Breathing air measurements according to DIN EN 12021
• Vibration measurements
• Drive technology
• Consumption measurements
• Leak measurement/location
• Pressure dew point measurement
• Flow rate measurement